How to Install Setoolkit In kali lunix

First you should know what is setoolkit so lets begin....

What is the Social Engineering Toolkit? (SET) [SET]the Social Engineering Toolkit has been in wide use since its creation. Written by Dave Kennedy from TrustedSec, it’s an open source, free Python cybersecurity tool used by security researchers, penetration testers, blue and purple teams from around the world. Instead of targeting apps, SET uses humans as the main target of its attack techniques. It offers many brilliant features, including faking phone numbers, sending SMS, or helping to create a phishing page by instantly cloning the original. Let’s explore the full powers of this toolkit: Main features: Multi-platform: It can run on Linux, Unix and Windows. Supports integration with third party modules. Allows multiple tweaks from the configuration menu. Includes access to the Fast-Track Penetration Testing platform Social engineering attack options such as Spear-Phishing Attacks, Website Attacks, Infection Media Generator, Mass Mailing, Arduino-Based Attack, QRCode Attacks, Powershell Attack Vectors.

Here i am going to Tell you how to install the SET toolkit trust me its very simple

First Open the terminal,type command on terminal one by one

git clone
cd setoolkit
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

if you are getting an error pip3 command not found install it by using the command:

sudo apt-get install python3-pip

After getting installed next


Your installation procress has finished.

Now just type the following command in the terminal to fireup your setoolkit:setoolkit[if you are root user] If not type:sudo setoolkit

Watch Video

If You are smart you can find the link simply just hovering the Space

This was all about how to perform social enginnering attacks Now Its very important to Know how to be Secure from this attacks.

Top Five Points You should Know

1.Think When You Click

1.1 Search for that Information

2.Dont open email from untrusted source.

3.Use some kind of firewall[antivirus] to protect yourself form attacks

4.Never get into this Tailgating, Phishing, Baiting, and Quid Pro Quo

5.My Dear humanoid My Aim to to Spread Knowledge to you so Kindly use it for good purpose Kindly do not try to harm others!

Problems You Might face during installing/performing the SET

Tabnabbinng and harvester issues

Setoolkit not showing password field

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